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My horse is a dork

So, it’s pouring rain here today and I went to go put on Indy’s rain coat this morning. I got out there, grabbed the coat and went into his pen, as soon as he saw me he ran from his shelter to me and allowed me to toss it on his back. Well, I got it situated on his back and then he ran back to his shelter. Gee, thanks darling, don’t let me latch the coat or anything. 

I then had to walk through the mud to his shelter and shoo away his buddy so they didn’t fight/play/bicker/what have you. I finished putting on his coat and walk back to my truck while he watched, ears perked up and happy. Spoiled brat, I tell you.

To get a second horse or not to..

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For the past 5 years I have owned Indy, our first ride outside for the year has ALWAYS been ‘interesting’. I usually have to have my guard up, incase he does something silly and usually he does. On his good days, there have usually been one spook or one kick of the heels. On our bad days, well, it’s just terrible and my life flashes before my eyes. 

Yesterday was my first ride outside for the year, a little late but we’ve had some weird weather lately and when it’s nice, no one has been out at the barn so I haven’t felt safe to ride outside by myself for the first ride out of the year. Well, last night I had a jump lesson and Indy amazed me. Not only did I not need to be worried about riding alone for the first ride, but I also didn’t need to be on guard! No spook, no light feet, even when the BO was moving some equipment with the tractor next to the arena and the barn dog  was wandering around the arena. He just perked his ears forward, looked and carried on his merry way.

I was mighty impressed, I have still been tossing around the idea of selling him if his ‘last chance’ fails but he’s really giving me reasons to keep him around lately. He was in control over fences, even when he bolted a little down the line a couple times and was a little take-over-ish at the first fence but all in all, he’s improving, and i’m proud. Deep down i’m worried about when we’ll start going backwards again or come to a stand still but hopefully with some more knowledge about him and how to handle his childish tantrums, we can work past it better. I really do love this horse. We’ve been through far more than any horse and rider should.


So, I figured that I hadn’t made a text post in awhile about me/indy/riding etc so here it is. Most of you will skim past this but that’s alright lol.

Indy has been doing AWESOME lately. His right lead canter is back, we just need to strengthen it and he’s doing great going back to fences, we just have to get that mutual respect/trust back. For those that don’t know we ran into an issue where he refused to work for awhile and right lead canter was next to impossible without an angry buck. Now before you get defensive, he was cleared sound, he had NOTHING wrong with him, he was not scared, it’s just a part of him. He gets in this ‘mood’ from time to time where if he isn’t allowed to be the leader, he gets stubborn and basically puts up a big stink until he either wins or gets his big butt handed to him.

I put some western training on him(friend hopped on him and put him back in his place, nicely i might add). So after a few months of hell, we’re back to aiming for our goals. We’re working on small fences at the moment and although they’re boring for both of us, they’re good to build our trust and respect and my confidence. We’re making good progress :) I aim to take him down to the river this summer. If I can manage that it will be a big step for both of us since i’m still nervous on trails and he’s overly excited and spooky on trails.

In other news, I graduated college with a Multimedia Production Diploma to do graphic and web design with. Yay! Now to find a job.. if anyone wants anything done shoot me a message, I have been freelancing for 5 years!