Photo Contest!

Yes another one, I have new followers, so we should have more people to enter :)

Two winners will be chosen from each category, 1st place, Runner up.

First place winner gets:

1) Promo! 

2) Their winning picture and a link on my blog

Runner up gets:

1) Promo along with a blurb about their blog and their winning picture posted, credits obviously given.

Wanna play?


1) Hunter/Jumper this can be over fences or on the flat

2) Bond i want to see a connection between horse and rider, this can be of you and your horse on self timer or self portrait only!

3) Cowboy up! this can be any form of western, rodeo, cowboy/cowgirl theme

4) Pirouette this can be anything involving dressage

5) I don’t have a category! this can be anything you think is an awesome picture :)

Contest Ends July 1st!




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