Since I have new followers, I may as well introduce my pony again :)

This is In Demand, also known as Indy, or pony, or dumbass, or goober, you know how it goes. I love him dearly and wouldn’t be who I am or here today without him. He’s a 14 year old, Canadian Warmblood(Selle Francais/TB) and trust me, unless you own him and have his papers you can’t tell he’s 14. Look wise, personality wise, energy wise he’s a 5 year old. He’s 16.3hh, dark bay and has more personality than he knows what to do with. 

He’s a mommas boy, a sucker for kisses and ear scratches and he’ll plaster on his “momma i’m cute and innocent!” face if he wants a cookie. He’ll follow me everywhere I go and he loves to play tag. This horse wouldn’t hurt or scare me even if he could.

We’ve been a team and a family for 4 years and counting. He’s my best friend :)

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