McLain’s Legendary Sapphire is retired

Update 10:00 PM – from McLain: “Now that the news has broke of Sara’s retirement, I want to a take this opportunity to thank you all for your wonderful comments, many of which have made me teary eyed. While it is the end of her incredible career, I refuse to be sad. Sara is retiring healthy, happy and at her best. I am so grateful that fate chose me as the one to be in her life, be her rider and partner as she blazed her trail into show jumping history. There will be times I will certainly miss her being by my side when the pressure is on but when I think of her, all I have is incredible memories. As I look back, all I can say is “how lucky were we?”. It is hard to imagine, let alone thank all of the people who at one point or another played a role in Sara and my success, but I will try. My dad, Francois Mathy, Erica Mckeever, Lee Mckeever, Harry Gill, Hunter Harrison, Tom Grossman, Carrie Stanton, Emma Williams, Di Puopolo, Tim Ober, James Beldon, Bill Bradlee, Gabe Cook, Mikey Boylan, Missy Clark, the Van Bunder family, and many many more. It’s been a hell of a run, filled with peaks and valleys but I wouldn’t have traded any of it for the world. Thank you Sara.” McLain Ward’s incredible partner Sapphire is being retired at 17. From Sapphire’s groom Ericka McKeever:”Sad day at Castle Hill, our great big friend is being retired. A beautiful article on Phelps Sports was just posted. It has been an amazing 10 years, an honor to be in Sapphire’s life.” Here is the link to the article from Phelps with all the details, but you need a subscription to read it –> The End of a Brilliant Era: McLain Ward Announces the Retirement of Sapphire McLain told me at the Royal Winter Fair that one of his & Sapphire’s greatest victories was winning the CN International in 2009 against the formidable team of Eric Lamaze and Hickstead. It was an amazing jump-off and the match up of two equine superstars that sadly, we will never be able to see again. One of the few horses to ever beat Canada’s little stallion, was this chesnut mare.

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